What is a Liqr balloon?

Liqrballoons has been developed and designed to let you experience the nice feeling of alcohol while you only consume a minimal amount of it.

The NEW Liqrballoon system is therefore an innovative, fun and possibly more responsible way to serve (vodka) shots. With only a minimal amount of a normal shot (of 3.5cl), the Liqrballoons can be filled with just a few drops, so Liqrballoons can help prevent overconsumption of alcohol.

With Liqrballoons you can enjoy that great buzz all night  long without it getting you into trouble due to too much alcohol in your blood and as an added advantage you will hardly be bothered anymore of that annoying hangover that reminds you of your dissolute evening/night. Liqrballoons give you that maximum boost with a really minimal amount of alcohol per balloon. The Liqrballoon system fills balloons under high pressure with a very fine mist containing micro-droplets of liquid alcohol.

Because you inhale this alcahol and do not drink it, you feel the effect almost immediately, and any flavor aromas can even make it an extra pleasant experience. There are different models available from table top to flexible (event) system. You can get the Liqrballoon machine with multiple injection points. This allows you to give guests the choice of different flavors.

The Liqrballoon machines are extremely economical with the injected amount of alcohol. Half a liter of vodka easily fills 500 balloons (depending on the setting) You can set the amount of injected volume yourself according to taste (of the guests).
A setting that is too wide will not improve the feeling and taste. Liqrballoon systems are offered by us only for commercial use. They are produced within current guidelines for food-safe high-quality components. The patented Liqrballoon system is assembled with the greatest accuracy within the EU. The Liqrballoon system is designed for years of intensive use and has a full one-year warranty.

Do I make extra profit with Liqrballoons?
We guarantee the highest margin and profit for your club or bar with Liqrballoons. Liqrballoons are an innovative and extremely profitable product to offer to your customers. It’s a great way to serve spirits with this extra experience. This new trend is immediately conquering the entertainment world. Easily make a lot of extra profit of €50.000,00 / €60.000,00 per year per system in your bar or club. This of course depends on the number of visitors.
The number of visitors will also increase due to Liqrbaloons, so that you will also sell your normal products more. By using Liqrballoons will your entire turnover will experience a boost. Liqrballoons systems are designed for heavy use and will be a very lucrative addition to any bar or club.


WHERE CAN I BUY Liqrballoons?
Liqrballoons are for sale or for rent and can be used in almost any bar and/or clubs around the world. Liqrballoon systems are for sale or rent for commercial use only.


Are Liqrballoons also interesting for my upcoming event?
Liqrballoons also has a special event team! This team can take care of the sale of the Liqrballoons for you at the desired location.
They arrive on location with all the necessary equipment and together with the invited guests they make it a fantastic party.
Would you like to make use of our event team or would you like to know more about the possibilities? submit your request via the contact form.


How Efficient are the Liqrballoon systems?
Thanks to the efficiency of this system, a huge amount of Liqrballoons can be produced from a single 750 ml bottle of drink.
Liqrballoons have been proven effective in increasing sales and of course net profit. Not only are the systems extremely efficient and cost-effective, they provide enticing shots with a fun and exotic look for new and regular guests. The Liqrballoons will attract new guests and will keep them coming back. This gives your entire business a boost!


We do not sell to the following countries: China, Laos, Thailand, Hong Kong, Philippines, Macau, Taiwan, Korea, Malaysia, Singapore, Vietnam, Cambodia, Bhutan, Nepal and Myanmar. In these countries it is not allowed to inhale alcohol.


The registered trademark “Liqrballoon” may not be used in any way as the name of your company,
also it is not allowed to use Liqrballoon as your website url or social media channel name. Our selected resellers and distributors may use the POS products that we offer ourselves and use the product name to indicate that you are authorized to offer and sell our systems. You are not permitted to use our company trademark independently other than as stated above.



I tried out with my friends this week for the first time. The first one was a bit odd but what a great feeling. Highly recommended!!!!!!

We had a blast with friends doing balloons all night. It was such a great experience and an amazing night. No hangover in the morning!

Delightful buzz in my head. Wonderful experience without losing all control